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HP Compaq® 8000 Elite upgrade

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Upgrading tips and common guidelines to check for Compaq 8000 Elite updates

Compaq 8000 Elite is a desktop computer available as Small Form Factor PC and convertible mini tower. The base model of the convertible mini tower comes with a Core 2 Duo processor E8400 (3.00 GHz, 6 MB L2 cache, 1333 MHz FSB). The Compaq 8000 Elite Form factor is HP’s most stable and secured business PC with latest technology and professional innovations such as energy-efficient features and remote managing solutions. Compaq 8000 Elite is equipped with more than sufficient capacity of memory and processing power to get the time sensitive projects completed in time. The upgrade options ensure that these machines will remain viable in the workplace for number of years.

Common guidelines for upgrading Compaq 8000 Elite are described below.

  • Upgrading Software and drivers using Windows update
  • Product upgrading with BIOS update
  • Upgrading Security Components
  • Upgrading operating system

Upgrading Software and drivers using Windows update

Microsoft or other software vendors and HP deliver upgrades, patches and updates of their software periodically. Windows update is a common tool to get these updates in Compaq 8000 Elite. Windows update could be used to upgrade security software, Windows Media Player upgrade and updates and some other significant patches and upgrades of device drivers. Commonly Windows update finds and install the enhancements of software and drivers. However, it is possible to upgrade the software components when the vendors release an upgrade.

Product upgrading with BIOS update

Most of the HP computers have an option to upgrade or downgrade the BIOS version to support different and customized configuration. It is including of system software and hardware upgrade. The BIOS update feature in Compaq 8000 Elite is common to most of the Compaq products and executed in a similar way. The PC should have Internet connection to upgrade the BIOS. If the Internet connection is not available, the update could be downloaded from any other computer and installed through an external media. First step of BIOS upgrading is finding current BIOS version number. Next, the BIOS or ROM update could be searched in Downloads page by entering the correct version number. Finally the updates could be downloaded and installed.

Upgrading Security Components

Installing the latest critical updates from Microsoft makes Compaq 8000 Elite more secured. It is recommended to regularly use the Windows Update to help prevent the threats of future viruses. Also the security software updates and upgrades are vital to protect the Compaq 8000 Elite from all kinds of vulnerabilities.

Upgrading Operating System

Upgrading the Operating System is not a critical task for Compaq 8000 Elite since it supports genuine Windows Vista Business, Genuine Windows 7 Professional Edition and Windows XP professional. Windows XP could be upgraded to either Vista or Windows 7. Vista should be upgraded to Windows 7 only. It is necessary to consult an expert or contact the vendor to get the upgrading solution.


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