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Updating BIOS of HP Compaq® nx9010

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Want to update BIOS of your HP Compaq nx9010 system? Read on.

BIOS is a service that checks whether all the components within a system are in working state. The BIOS does these checks before the system starts up so that in case some critical components are damaged, then the system would not startup causing additional damage. HP Compaq nx9010 comes with the best quality internal components and processors that ensure flawless performance. The machine even comes with a preloaded BIOS. However, the BIOS on your HP Compaq nx9010 must be always updated. Software updates are provided so as to make the performance of the software better. This is true in the case of BIOS too. The BIOS on your HP Compaq nx9010 must be always updated so that any errors within the BIOS would be effectively removed. Updating the BIOS would also help speed up system startup and improve the performance of the system. BIOS updates vary with computer manufacturers and they usually come as utilities that need to be executed. Before updating the BIOS of HP Compaq nx9010 it is suggested that a backup copy of all important data is created on a removable storage media so that even if some issues come up with the process and the system cannot be started all of the data can be still accessed using a secondary machine.

Following details mentioned below give users more information regarding tips to update BIOS of HP Compaq nx9010:
  • Check BIOS version
  • Verify CMOS battery/ power
  • Remove malware

Check BIOS version

All HP Compaq nx9010 users updating the BIOS of their systems are advised to check the version of the BIOS at hand. There are many different models of HP Compaq computers out on the market and users can easily get confused with the version of the BIOS to be updated. Double checking the version of the BIOS that is about to be installed is essential as installation of incorrect BIOS might cause corruption of the installed BIOS.

Check CMOS battery and power

When updating the BIOS on HP Compaq nx9010, users are advised to check the condition of the CMOS battery on the system. The CMOS battery need to be at ideal working state for the update process to get completed and if the battery is found worn out it would have to be replaced. Similarly, HP Compaq nx9010 users must also make sure that the system has power backup so that the BIOS update process would not be interrupted by power failure.

Remove malware

Before starting with the update of BIOS on HP Compaq nx9010, users are advised to remove all of the malware on the system. This must be always done with the help of an updated antivirus program. If malware are present when the BIOS is being updated, they might cause corruption of the BIOS and render the system inoperable.


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