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Ways to resolve black screen issues on a HP Compaq® system

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What causes a black screen issue on a HP Compaq system?

HP Compaq systems are high performance machines. They have got a high resolution monitor. They display high-quality images and deliver high-quality video as well. Like other systems, your HP Compaq system can also face several problems with its screen. The most common problem is a black screen error. It also displays a blurred screen and faded images and sometimes the screen goes white. Several reasons might result in HP Compaq system displaying a black screen error.

Here are some of the ways to solve a black screen error on a HP Compaq system:

  • Fixing issues of specific components
  • Installation of the latest drivers
  • Fix of hinges

Fixing the issues of specific components

You should determine the exact component that is causing the issue of a black screen. For this, restart the computer first in Safe Mode. Before troubleshooting, first take a backup of all the system files. Then determine which component is causing the problem. Find the extent of the damage caused by this problem. Then measures should be adopted to solve the issue. If the issue cannot be solved by you alone, then HP customer care should be contacted.

Installation of the latest drivers

A black screen error may occur because of problems with display drivers. A HP Compaq system requires the latest drivers. It will help the system to deliver the best screen output along with very high performance. The official website of HP includes the latest display drivers. You are always advised to download and install the latest display drivers. This will help the screen to function well. But display drivers must be only downloaded from HP website.

Fix of hinges

It is at the hinge that laptop screens are connected. Constant use will cause problems with the hinges. It will cause connection problems with the ribbons. The screen is connected to the system with the help of these hinges which is affected by the problems like wear and tear when it is used for a long period of time. If the hinges brake, then a HP Compaq system will face the problem of a black screen. In such a case, it can be fixed from an authorized service center.


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