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HP Elite® 7100 Microtower batteries

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How can the HP Elite 7100 Microtower battery be maintained and used?

The features of HP Elite 7100 Microtower are Intel Core Duo processors up to Core i7-870 2.93GHz processor, 16 GB of RAM, up to 1 TB hard drive or 64GB SSD and Integrated Intel GMA HD graphics or ATI dedicated graphics card. Its enhanced features provide high security and manageability. Genuine Windows 7 professional is its operating system. It has a 4 DIMM memory slot and its communication features are Integrated Realtek RTL8111DL Gigabit Ethernet, Intel Pro 1000 CT GbE(optional), Wireless 802.11 b/g/n PCIe x1 full-height(optional). The dimension of the computer is 7.27×16.36×15.14-in (18.5×41.6×38.5cm) and its weight is 22.4lb (10.2kg). Optical drive is SATA Blu-ray Writer; SATA SuperMulti LightScribe DVD Writer; SATA DVD-ROM. The security manager provides single console access to all installed HP Protect Tools modules. This desktop computer is easy to use, comprises built-in features, and is an energy-efficient desktop computer.

Following points explain about HP Elite 7100 Microtower battery:
  • Maintenance and use
  • Battery code
  • Battery charger

Maintenance and use

HP Elite 7100 Microtower battery can be efficiently used. You can maintain this battery easily by avoiding overcharging or continuous charging. It will result in the damage of battery. In order to extend the battery life, you need to necessarily follow the charging time for a battery. If the battery is not in use, then it would be automatically discharged.

Battery code

The battery size differs from one system to another. Depending on the terminal placement and their physical size it may be classified as ‘Group’ sizes. Most of the batteries may not follow a particular code. The battery code of this system is the part number of its manufacturer, which may come under the group of U1, 24, 27, and 31. But in general the computer may be designated either with ‘GC’ for golf cart part number or ‘FS’ for floor sweeper.

Battery charger

This is a device that helps to put energy into a battery or a secondary cell by passing current through it. This enables the PC to operate for a certain period of time by charging its battery. The current flowing through it basically depends on the capacity and technology of charged battery. It may not have voltage regulation as it is meant for battery connection. HP Elite 7100 Microtower battery charger provides improved manageability.


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