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Bluetooth® in HP EliteBook® 2730p

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How to enable and disable Bluetooth in HP EliteBook 2730p?

EliteBook 2730p is a tablet PC that offers good performance in tablet mode. The presence of spacious and comfortable keyboard would help the user to provide better typing experience. User could take notes with the help of the smooth digital pen available along with this notebook. For the convenience of the user the power button is placed on the side so that the user can access it even if the notebook is closed. It is possible to adjust the screen of this notebook with the help of its hinge design. It is powered with Intel Core 2 Duo processors and Microsoft Windows XP tablet edition operating system. Bluetooth is a widely accepted standard to send and receive data across various Bluetooth enabled devices.

The following are the tips to turn on and off Bluetooth in HP EliteBook 2730p and the things to keep in mind while doing so:
  • Enabling and disabling Bluetooth
  • Pair the devices
  • Avoid hackers

Enabling and disabling Bluetooth

Most of the recently launched laptops and notebooks have in-built Bluetooth facility. You can enable the Bluetooth on your laptop by going to Control Panel. Now you can select Network Connection from Control Panel. You need to right click on the Bluetooth icon displayed and you would be provided with an option to enable the Bluetooth. Similarly after performing the data transfer you could disable the Bluetooth.

Pair the devices

Two devices must be paired in order to transfer data between them. Make sure that you start transferring data only after you pair the device. In order to pair the devices you would be asked to provide a code. Only if this code is verified you could start sending data. If the code is matched correct then you are permitted to accept data from the user.

Avoid hackers

While using Bluetooth there is a chance of hackers to take advantage of your personal information. If you are not accepting data from the right source then your personal information such as credit card number, PIN number, ATM card number etc. would be hacked. Make sure that you are receiving data from the known user. Try to avoid receiving data from anonymous people.

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