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Keyboard issues in HP EliteBook® 2740p

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Keyboard issues in HP EliteBook 2740p

The HP EliteBook 2740p is business oriented laptop. It is equipped with an Intel Core duo i5 processor. The most appealing features are its 250 GB hard disk storage capacity, a 4 GB DDR3 RAM, an Intel GMA HD Integrated graphics card, Bluetooth facility and wireless LAN. The screen is a 12.1-inch WXGA that has a resolution of 1280 x 800 with Backlit Multitouch capabilities and Windows 7 Professional with 64 bit is the Operating System shipped with this product. It has got an ultra wide viewing angle display. The tablet can be rotated to either side. The keyboard of HP EliteBook 2740p is designed well and quality components are used within. Sometimes problems occur with the keyboard. The major troubles come from viruses, compatibility problems, driver issues and software issues.

The tips to solve the keyboard issues in HP EliteBook 2740p:

  • Virus attack
  • Problems regarding the driver
  • Software problems

Virus attack

Keyboard malfunctioning is caused mainly by virus attacks. When you type sentences which don’t look correct or you cannot use the keyboard, keyboard drivers or other drivers might be under assault from viruses or malware. You must check that the antivirus is switched on. An updated version is highly recommended. The whole system should be scanned before reinstalling the driver software in order to resolve this issue on the system.

Problems regarding to driver

Computer hardware is monitored by driver software. The presence of drivers in HP EliteBook 2740p is necessary for its proper functioning. Problems can occur if the driver is installed or removed improperly. The user is advised to go to the Device Manager to see if there is any driver installed. If the driver is not present, install it. Before installing, you must know the model number of the keyboard driver in HP EliteBook 2740p. If the driver is installed and it is still causing troubles, then uninstall the driver from Add or Remove Programs option and reinstall it properly.

Software problems

Whenever you download keyboard software from an unrecognized website i.e. a third party site, the keyboard might not work properly. The antivirus prevents it from working. When you disable it, you see that the software is working properly. So you should remove the software and install genuine software. Installation of third party software will clash with the keyboard software, making them obsolete. You are advised to remove all the software that can potentially cause software problems.


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