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Bluetooth® In HP Elitebook® 8440p

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To operate Bluetooth in HP Elitebook 8440p

The HP EliteBook 8440p is preferred for on the go executives rather than graphic designers and gamers. On the basis of your preference, you might either use touchpad or a point stick. In addition to all these, you could find an additional eSATA/USB for faster devices, a FireWire port for compatibility to other devices. It is equipped with HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth 2.1 Wireless Technology. This will help you to transfer data over short distances. It helps in overcoming problems of synchronization by connecting various devices. The version available in this notebook supports secure simple pairing (SSP) of devices and also EIR. With Bluetooth facility in your PC can be easily connected to other devices like printers, phones, headsets etc.

Steps to be followed and things to be kept in mind while switching on and off Bluetooth in your HP EliteBook 8440p are:

  • Properly switch on and off the device
  • Avoid using Bluetooth frequently
  • Run a powerful antivirus software

Properly switch on and off the device

To switch Bluetooth on in your HP EliteBook 8440p, go to Control Panel and click Network and Internet option. Select wireless assistant and from it, select Bluetooth. You can also check in the Windows mobility center for “Integrated Wireless Devices” and see whether Bluetooth is ‘On’. To turn it ‘Off’, go to the Device Manager, select Hardware and choose the Bluetooth device. Then right click, and choose “Disable”.

Avoid using Bluetooth frequently

Regular usage of Bluetooth in your HP EliteBook 8440p might lead to an entry point for hackers. So it is always advisable to use Bluetooth in Safe mode for accessing files. If not, hackers might hack your system and access the documents. So always be very careful in dealing with Bluetooth. Also keep in mind to switch it ‘Off’ after handling it.

Run a powerful antivirus software

Install antivirus software in your HP EliteBook 8440p system to keep out of virus and other malware. By the consecutive usage of Bluetooth there are chances for your system to get affected by viruses. So by running a powerful antivirus always, you might be able to get rid of such issues because it would help you to detect the hidden viruses.


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