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Install Bluetooth® Drivers on HP EliteBook® 8440p Notebook PC

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Tips and guidelines to install Bluetooth drivers on HP EliteBook 8440p Notebook PC

HP EliteBook 8440p Notebook PC comes with Windows 7 Professional or Home Premium, Intel Core i7-720QM Processor and lots other powerful features. It has a long battery life and delivers high performance. Bluetooth feature is available in this system, which helps in wireless communications and also provides high security. The feature helps to transfer files from mobile phones to laptop. Bluetooth drivers need to be installed on this laptop to support Bluetooth devices connected to it. Bluetooth devices like keyboard, mouse, etc., can be connected to the system if the required drivers are installed on it.

The following are some of the tips along with things to keep in mind while installing Bluetooth drivers on HP EliteBook 8440p Notebook PC:

  • Check for the compatibility
  • Driver update
  • Manual installation

Check for the compatibility

Sometimes, the Bluetooth driver that you are about to install might not be compatible with the operating system. This prevents the smooth functioning of Bluetooth. Before installing the driver, you must check for the compatibility of the driver with the operating system. Compatibility issues sometimes lead to operating system

Driver update

If you have upgraded the operating system or if Bluetooth devices you are connecting have more features, then the driver installed on your HP EliteBook 8440p Notebook PC might not
work effectively with the device. To use the features of the device fully, you are required to update the driver. You need to select the ‘Bluetooth’ device from the ‘Device Manager’ of the ‘Control Panel’. select the ‘Update Driver’ option by right clicking on the device.

Manual installation

You can install the driver for the corresponding Bluetooth device from the installation CD. You can also search for the proper drivers from the website of the manufacturer of the
device. However, you need to uninstall the preinstalled driver on your HP EliteBook 8440p Notebook PC to install the new driver.


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