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Error Codes in HP EliteBook® 8440p

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Tips to solve the error codes in HP EliteBook 8440p

The HP EliteBook 8440p is a spectacular laptop that gives its users many fascinating features for very reasonable price. The notebook uses a top-end Intel processor and NVIDIA Quadro graphics engine to provide admirable performance to professionals. It is very comfortable and has business-rugged construction. It also comes with many software extras like HP QuickLook and HP quick-preboot environments that help you surf the web and go through your mails without booting your Windows 7 Operating System. Error codes are vary and might occur in thousands of locations in your laptop. They are meant to be the messages displayed as a result of faults that occurred in any of the software applications. When this happens, users should correct it for the proper working of the system.

Different error codes that can come and tips to resolve the same in your HP EliteBook 8440p are given below:

  • Error codes displayed due to blue screen errors
  • Error codes displayed due to system hanging
  • Error codes displayed due to corrupted registry files

Error codes displayed due to blue screen errors

A blue screen is a hardware error. It is displayed whenever Windows is about to face a major error. It also occurs when a program has stopped functioning to rescue the HP EliteBook 8440p laptop from a serious disaster. At this time, you might solve the problem by running a registry cleaner in the drive and can make your computer work faster. Certain times you will have to replace RAM or even restart the system.

Error codes displayed due to system hanging

When you open up a number of programs together, there are chances of the system hanging. Then you will be informed by an error code informing that the ‘program is not responding’. This will be applicable for any program window that you have opened at that time in your HP EliteBook 8440p laptop. You can end that particular program using task manager (Alt+Ctrl+Del).

Error codes displayed due to corrupted registry files

When you have an altered or damaged registry file in your drive, you will be regularly informed by error codes whenever you start the system. You will experience irregular behavior on your HP EliteBook 8440p laptop at these times. This can be repaired by a registry cleaner. The advisable one is Microsoft registry cleaner tool that will help you through various steps.


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