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Bluetooth® Drivers in HP EliteBook® 8530p System

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Tips and guidelines for installing Bluetooth drivers in HP EliteBook 8530p System

Bluetooth is a connectivity technology by means of which users can connect various Bluetooth-enabled devices. The greatest advantage of Bluetooth is the fact that the connections do not require wires or physical components. Your HP EliteBook 8530p system comes with Bluetooth so that the system can be connected to a number of devices. This helps to sync various devices with your HP EliteBook 8530p system. All hardware on your HP EliteBook 8530p system requires drivers. This includes the Bluetooth hardware. All modern day Bluetooth drivers come as executable files that can be installed easily by simply running them. HP EliteBook 8530p system users are advised to install Bluetooth drivers in the ‘Safe Mode’ of the computer. This will ensure that the system is running on minimum services and chances for the occurrence of errors are minimal.

The following are some of the things to be kept in mind while installing Bluetooth drivers in HP EliteBook 8530p system:

  • Free your system from malware
  • Ensure authenticity of divers
  • Verify type of drivers

Free your system from malwares

HP EliteBook 8530p system users who are installing Bluetooth drivers must make sure that the system is totally free from malware. Malware, if present at the time of driver installation, can modify the drivers and cause harmful effects to the system. If malware get installed with the drivers, then they can affect the root of the system making it almost impossible to remove the infection. A good malware removal tool or antivirus software must be used for this purpose.

Ensure authenticity of divers

Before installing Bluetooth drivers on HP EliteBook 8530p system, users must check the authenticity of the drivers that are about to be installed. Bluetooth drivers that are provided by third-party sources other than manufacturer must never be used, as such drivers are likely to contain malware that can damage the system.

Verify type of drivers

When installing Bluetooth drivers on your HP EliteBook 8530p system, users are advised to check the type of drivers. As there are many drivers with the same name of the product, special care must be taken to ensure that the drivers are of the correct type. HP EliteBook 8530p system users must check the drivers by taking into account details of drivers, other than names.


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