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Touchpad software issues in HP EliteBook® 8540P laptop

hp touch pad
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Resolve touchpad software issues in HP EliteBook 8540P laptop

Touchpad is a specialized surface on a laptop that can be used in the place of an external mouse. It performs the same functions as a mouse – launches a file or a folder,  moves a cursor, selects items, helps you to scroll through a web page, and lets you click and drag items. It is very handy and comes in compact size, often being located just below the keyboard on your HP EliteBook 8540P laptop. However, with use, you may realize that the touchpad in your HP EliteBook 8540P laptop has stopped working or isn’t as responsive as it should be. If you are facing similar situations, read on to know the common touchpad software issues and how you can resolve them.

You know it you have a touchpad software issue in HP HP EliteBook 8540P laptop when:

  1.   You are unable to scroll properly using your touchpad
  2.   The scrolling operation doesn’t give you the desired results
  3.   The touchpad makes unwanted jumps to corners of the screen
  4.   The touchpad automatically clicks on programs/ files/ folders

There are several reasons that can trigger the touchpad software issue. Some of them have been mentioned below for your perusal:

  • Use of function keys

Your HP EliteBook 8540P laptop has a number of function keys; each of these keys makes certain changes to the system when pressed. The ‘F8’ key can be used to activate or deactivate the touchpad. If you have pressed the touchpad immediately after you pressed ‘F8’ key, it might have deactivated the touchpad. Repeat the action to re-activate the touchpad.

  • Accidental pressing of the disable button

Another reason for the touchpad software not working in your HP EliteBook 8540P laptop might be due to the accidental pressing of the ‘Disable’ button. The ‘Disable’ button when clicked, helps in disabling the touchpad. You can enable the touchpad by changing the state of this button to the “Off” state.

  • Improper installation of software

It is possible that you may have improperly/ incompletely installed the touchpad software in your HP EliteBook 8540P laptop. This can in turn restrict the proper working of the touchpad software. The only possible solution for this problem is to reinstall the software, specific and compatible to your laptop and operating system. Use the CD or DVD which came with your laptop for reinstalling. Alternatively, you can download it from the official HP website.

  • Software conflict

Check if you have recently installed any software that may be creating the conflict situation. If it is, you may have to remove the particular software to resolve the conflict situation.

  • Outdated/ incompatible touchpad driver

If the touchpad driver in your HP EliteBook 8540P laptop is outdated or corrupt, you will not get the desired results while using the touchpad. Therefore, immediately install the latest and compatible driver and fix the touchpad issue.

Resolving the touchpad software issues in HP EliteBook 8540P laptop isn’t tough. However, correctly identifying the root cause is important. If you aren’t able to figure out what may have gone wrong with the touchpad in your HP laptop, call iYogi tech experts to diagnose and fix the issue for you. We are available 24/7 and wait to serve you instantly.

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