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HP EliteBook® 8740w Connecting external monitor

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What are the things to keep in mind while connecting an external monitor?

HP EliteBook 8740w is a Mobile Workstation developed by HP. It easily handles graphical applications. It has a 17-inch diagonal display, an optional feature, HP DreamColor. It uses ATI or NVIDIA ISV-certified workstation graphics with up to 1GB of VRAM. Intel Core i5 and i7 processors provides high performance. HP Performance Advisor could be used to run your applications smoothly by optimizing your digital content. It uses HP 3D DriveGuard to protect the hard-drive data from drops and sudden impact. It also reduces power consumption with the uses of HP Power Assistant. It has various ports such as USB 2.0. USB 3.0, secondary battery connector, eSATA, external VGA monitor etc. You would be able to connect your laptop to an external monitor by using the external VGA port. You need to ensure that the monitor is connected to the correct port and correct cable is used while connecting. You need to choose the best monitor for your computer. Some LCD monitors that could be connected with HP EliteBook 8740w are HP 2010i, HP W2207H and HP LP2475w etc. Discussed below are certain steps to be followed in connecting the HP EliteBook 8740w with the external monitor:

  • Connecting to external monitor
  • Auto switching Option
  • Adjusting Resolution

Connecting to external monitor

You could connect your HP EliteBook 8740w to the external monitor with a cable. Once it is connected, the laptop would automatically detect the external monitor as a new hardware device. If it is not detected, you need to restart your laptop and check it. After restarting, the desktop would be shown on both screens of your laptop. It would show the external monitor by default. In order to toggle between the screens you need to use the function keys such as ‘Fn+F5’, ‘Fn+F3’ etc. If you are unable to toggle using the function keys, contact HP directly to know about the key combinations.

Auto switching option

If you do not want display on both screens and toggle between them, you would be able to disable auto switching option. You need to specify a display device to show your desktop by default. You could follow the steps in CMOS set up to do this process. You need to turn off your computer, switch it on and then enter the CMOS set up. Finally you could set the default display device there.

Adjusting resolution

If the monitor is not detected by the Operating system, it might not display properly or it would display only by the default resolution. You need to change the default resolution in order to correct the display in the monitor. To change the external display’s resolution, you need to ensure that the monitor is detected by the Operating system. You would be able to verify this by looking in ‘Device Manager’ and ensure that the monitor is listed in it.


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