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How to Enter BIOS in HP Compaq® Elitebook Laptop

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Get to know more about the need and benefits of entering BIOS in HP Compaq Elitebook Laptop

HP Compaq Elitebook offers users several extraordinary computing features. These computers are equipped with advanced technology and attractive features. The processor that is loaded into this computer series is truly outstanding. It is an Intel processor with a speed of 1.86GHz. The chipset installed in them is Mobile Intel GS45 Express Chipset ICH9M-Enhanced. The memory capacity of HP Compaq Elitebook series is about maximum of 8 GB. The hard disk capacity of this series is about the maximum of 320 GB. They are also arrived with elegant display with excellent display resolution. The Operating System available by default is Windows 7.

BIOS many benefits to the computer and it might also face with many issues. They are:
  • Need of BIOS
  • Benefits of BIOS
  • BIOS mode issues

Need of BIOS

BIOS is Basic Input and Output System in a computer. It is placed on a chip inside the system and is planned in modes that safeguard it from disk failure. A major function of the BIOS is to provide instructions for the power-on self test .This self test makes sure that the computer is installed with all the essential parts and functionality desirable to fruitfully start itself, such as memory, a keyboard and other parts. If errors are noticed in the test, the BIOS instruct the system to provide a code that reveals the issue.

Benefits of BIOS

Working in BIOS mode could offer numerous advantages to your HP Compaq Elitebook. It offers the microprocessor the instructions regarding activation and the time of activation in the system. BIOS consists of particular software instructions that lets the CPU successfully control the system devices. The user could evaluate the computer status by using BIOS mode. For modifying the boot sequence in the computer, the user might enter the BIOS mode. The BIOS offers the instructions to the system regarding the array it should utilize to locate an Operating System in the computer.

BIOS mode issues

However, BIOS in computers also might face many problems. In some cases the user lost the BIOS password or the he might forget the password also. As a result the user may not be able to enter the BIOS mode. In certain times the BIOS menu could not get display correctly due an incorrect BIOS update.


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