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Resetting BIOS in HP Compaq® Elitebook

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Get to know more about resetting BIOS in HP Compaq Elitebook

BIOS is the “Basic Input Output System.” It is present in all Windows based machines, and has an important role in booting up the system. The BIOS could start the computer with the help of a basic set of instructions. Basic Input Output System provides all the vital services needed for the performance of the computer. Sometimes after you make adjustments to your system’s BIOS, your computer might face with some issues. It might not get turn on, it or not perform in the way you would like it to. In order to solve the issue, it is recommended to reset the computer’s BIOS. The loss of Bios password is another problem. This makes the access to the computer not possible. If your computer face with the issue after adding hardware or it show abnormal system behavior, then you need to reset the BIOS.

Here are the tips to reset BIOS in your computer. They are:
  • Using the reset option
  • Use the jumper pins
  • Remove CMOS battery

Using the reset option

In some case, you could able to access the BIOS of your computer. On most system you could get the system BIOS by pressing the Del key as soon as the system turns on. Thus you are provided with a screen with various options about your computer’s BIOS. From here you need to flip through the options until you locate the option for resetting the system BIOS to the default settings.

Use the jumper pins

First of all you need to remove the memory on the BIOS is to utilize the jumper pins on the motherboard. Then ensure that unplug the PC’s power supply. You could find three pins near the CMOS battery that would say “CLR_CMOS” or “RESET BIOS”. Then move the jumper over one pin so it is on the middle pin and the pin it was not on formerly. After that press the power button on your system and wait a few minutes. Then replace the jumper to its original position. Then plug your computer’s power supply back in and turn on your system. Thus your PC BIOS could get reset.

Remove CMOS battery

Firstly you need to unplug your system from its power source and eliminate the CMOS battery. After the battery is out, keep it out for some minutes. By doing this you could definitely reset a PC BIOS to its original settings. After that return the CMOS battery to its original slot, and turn on the computer back. Thus all the issues relating to the BIOS get solved.


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