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HP ENVY® 15 Beats Series DVD Drive

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DVD drive for the HP ENVY 15 beats and the various problems one could encounter

The DVD drive is an important hardware device for your HP ENVY 15 beats. Since this is a laptop marketed for playing music and entertainment, you would want your DVD drive to be in perfect condition all the time. You need it to play audio CDs, as well as watch DVD movies and of course essential aspects like creating a CD backup or using a disk for installation and reinstallation. If you are experiencing some issues with the DVD drive of your HP ENVY 15 beats, you should address it as soon as possible to avoid hassles of replacement of the drive or using external drives.

  • Driver issues
  • DVD drive cannot be detected
  • Hardware failure

Driver issues

Sometimes, the DVD drive could have device driver issues. Just like any other hardware devices, the DVD drive needs drivers to communicate with the OS. If you suspect that you have a driver problem for the DVD drive of your HP ENVY 15 beats, check out your device manager and see to it that your drivers are updated, if not, the computer can automatically search one for your disposal. If not, you can check manually just remember to choose the right one for your DVD drive and for your OS. If your DVD drive works after that, then you are successful, if not, there could be another issue.

DVD drive cannot be detected

If the DVD drive cannot be detected, it could be a software issue. If the drivers are updated, then it could be the software you added or there could have been a problem when the HP ENVY 15 Beats was upgraded. In this case, locate the DVD drive’s writing software and uninstall it. Restart your HPENVY 15 beats and then install the software again. You can also remove the lower filters of the registry to address the problem. if it does not work, you can do a system restore to the time when you know the DVD drive was working.

Hardware failure

If you have accidentally dropped or bumped the DVD drive area of your HP ENVY 15 Beat, it could cause a hardware malfunction of the device. Another hardware failure issue of your DVD drive is if you tinker with the sensitive parts of the drive, causing it to malfunction and not be recognized. Do not touch the sensitive areas of the DVD drive to prevent the dangers of hardware malfunction.


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