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Fix Keyboard Software Issues in HP ENVY® 15 Beats

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Tips to resolve keyboard software issues in HP ENVY 15 Beats.

The HP ENVY 15 Beats is part of the comfort line of HP. The line boasts of remarkable features from their exterior up to the interior. You can watch high definition movies or play 3D generated games with absolute ease. However, there is chance that you might experience issues with the keyboard software. A keyboard driver allows the Operating System of your computer to communicate with its hardware components such as the keyboard. A defective keyboard driver prevents right use of the keyboard functions. Usually these problems can be fixed by downloading updated drivers.

Following details provide information on the common issues that can come in keyboard software in HP ENVY15 Beats and some tips to resolve these issues:

  • Non responsive keyboard
  • Issue with standby mode entry
  • Wired keyboard not responding
  • Attack of virus

Non responsive keyboard

When your laptop keyboard stops responding, chances are that your keyboard driver is corrupted or missing. To find out, you can use the mouse to navigate the Operating System. Click the menu ‘Start’ and select ‘Device Manager’ and then click ‘Keyboard’. The ‘Device Manager’ lists the suitable keyboard driver in a subfolder. If there is no driver, you must find a keyboard driver error sign. Next to it, you might get a code 39 or code 41 error message that will be similar to the following “Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device”.

Issue with standby mode entry

Depending on the Windows platform you have, you will get the message that your keyboard’s device driver is stopping the machine from entering the standby or hibernation mode. This software conflict is due to the latest installation of programs whose drivers interfere with your keyboard driver. This happens because they are not up-to-date with your configuration.

Wired keyboard not responding

Your keyboard might prevent you from writing full sentences when the keys do not work. The keyboard’s plugs might be loose, and you might want to try a tighter port. Apart from that, some keyboards come with a LED indicator that turns on once they are fully plugged in. If you are still experiencing troubles, hook up another keyboard to your unit, and check if you are still having the same problem.

Attack of virus

If you cannot use your keyboard, maybe your keyboard driver and other device drivers have been the target of a malicious virus. If you have ruled out all the errors mentioned previously, ensure your firewall is turned on and is properly updated. Either way, run a system scan to be on the secure side, and find out whether or not viruses are hiding in your computer.


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