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Shut off issues in HP ENVY® 15 Beats

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Learn about resolving shut off issues in HP ENVY 15 Beats

With the good looking design and better performance, HP ENVY 15 Beats is attractive for users. The system is preinstalled with Windows 7 operating system and this offers more simplicity to the users to perform various computing works. The shut down issue is sometimes encountered with this series of systems. The malware programs running in the background in HP ENVY 15 Beats system is one of the main reasons for this problem. The shut down might prevent the malware from performing its action and so they block the shut down. The other components which have the same power as that of this malware are the unused registry components. If the registry contains any details of the unused data, that also will try to block the proper shut down. If the shut down issues starts to occur after installing any of the drivers, then the incompatibility of that driver might also be a reason for this issue.

Following are some of the common methods that could solve the shut down issue in HP ENVY 15 Beats system:

  • Scan the system using updated antivirus
  • Check the driver compatibility
  • Delete temporary Internet files

Scan the system using updated antivirus

If the system contains any of the good antivirus software, then run that antivirus program. The antivirus software will start to detect the malware in the HP ENVY 15 Beats system and quarantine or remove them. Also, you need to update the antivirus installed in your system for its effective functioning. By updating them, you are making them more powerful.

Check the driver compatibility

Since the recently installed driver may also be a cause for the issue, you need to check the compatibility of that particular driver. If they are not, then upgrade that driver in to the proper version that is compatible with the system.

Delete temporary Internet files

If the temporary Internet folder in the HP ENVY 15 Beats system contains more files, you need to delete them. To delete the temporary files, open the ‘Run’ from the ‘Start’ menu and type “%temp%”. Then the temporary folder will appear and remove the unnecessary files from that folder. After this, take the ‘Run’ once more and type “temp”. Then check whether any more files are remaining there. Delete all such files.


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