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Resetting password in HP Envy® 15 HD Edition

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Wondering how you can reset the password in your HP Envy 15 HD Edition?

HP Envy 15 HD Edition is one of the best products from HP which boasts of some unique features. The model is light weight and has a very stylish design. With an exceptionally good core i7 processor, HP Envy 15 HD Edition allows you to do anything from playing intense games to watching high definition movies. The display is bright too giving you an excellent visual experience. Sometimes, when you start your HP Envy 15 HD Edition say for watching a movie, you may not be finding it possible to login into your account. The reason for this may be the resetting of the password.

Here are few reasons for the need to reset password in HP Envy 15 HD Edition and how you can do it.

  • Common reasons for password reset
  • Reset password in safe mode
  • Using Run command

Common reasons for password reset

Someone might have hacked your system and reset the password. Or unknowingly, your kids at home might have messed up with the system and you may not be able to login. At times, you can forget your password too in which case you need to reset your password. Also, when you want to enhance the security of your system, you might want to reset the password to something that is too strong to be hacked. Sometimes password expires. In all these cases, you need to reset the password.

Reset password in safe mode

Generally, the Administrator account doesn’t have password. Start the system and run in safe mode. To do this, press ‘F8’ as soon as you boot the system. You can find all the user account names in the starting screen. Login as Admin and type no password. Now you have successfully logged in. Go to the ‘User Settings Control Panel’. Here you can reset the password for your user account and login the next time as that user.

Using Run command

Start your system in safe mode. In this mode, as mentioned earlier, you will be able to login as Admin. The screen will appear different from the normal. Go to ‘Start’, click ‘Run’. In the bar that appears type ‘control userpasswords2’ (without the quote). Now you can reset the password for any user account and you can also reset the password for Administrator account. Now shut down the system and login in normal mode using the reset password.


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