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Reasons for Setup configuration being disabled in HP ENVY® 15 HD

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Is your HP ENVY 15 HD edition showing the message ‘Setup configuration disabled’?

HP is a well known American company that is associated with the manufacture of computer systems and a range of electronic goods. HP Envy 15 HD Edition is one of their products which comes power packed with a lot of advantageous features. The processor and the graphics card make a powerful combination which enables you to perform intense activities with exceptional ease. There are several reasons as to why you may want to change your BIOS settings. When you attempt to do so, your HP Envy 15 HD Edition may show the message that the setup configuration is disabled.

The following information lists some of the possible reasons for the same and how you can resolve the issue:

  • You had changed your default settings
  • Your system is protected by a password
  • Problems with critical hardware components

You had changed your default settings

For you to be able to change the BIOS settings, you must login as an administrator. If you have logged in as a different user, you won’t be able to change the settings. That is when exactly you will get the ‘Setup configuration disabled’ message. Log in using the admin account. If you are not able to login as administrator, then you have changed the default settings of your HP Envy 15 HD Edition. Admin accounts, by default do not have password. By contacting HP, you can get the password and continue configuring.

Your system is protected by a password

If your HP Envy 15 HD Edition has more than one user, then chances are there that one of the users may attempt to protect the system using the password authentication system. This can be done only by the user who has access to the admin account. When the system is password authenticated, you cannot change the configuration and you will get the setup configuration disabled message. Try getting the password from them or use password hacking tools available in the internet to hack the password and login as admin. Now you will be able to change the settings.

Problems with critical hardware components

There are some critical hardware components of your HP Envy 15 HD Edition which need to be proper for you to be able to change the setup configuration. For instance, if your hard drive is burnt, you will get the system configuration disabled message. This may also happen if the ribbon cable attached to the hard drive is damaged. Replace the damaged hardware and proceed with setup. If other hardware components of minimal importance are damaged, connect only the minimum system hardware to change the settings.


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