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Touchpad in HP ENVY® 15 Edition

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How to resolve issues with touchpad in HP ENVY 15 HD Edition?

HP launched the much awaited gaming notebook of the year recently in the market. It is monopolizing the market with its elegant look, top-level performance and so many things. This laptop is perfect for the gaming geeks to enable them exploring the gaming world to the fullest and enjoy the thrill of high end graphics experience. The one of the notable feature in the HP ENVY 15 is its touchpad which is the newest in technological terms. And also the touchpad becomes an integral input device of the laptops.

Therefore, information on its functions and the issues that come with the HP ENVY 15 will be more useful.

  • What is touchpad?
  • Issues comes in touchpad software in HP ENVY 15 Edition
  • How to resolve the touchpad issues in HP ENVY 15 Edition?

What is touchpad?

The touchpad is one of the input devices used mostly in the laptop as an alternative for the mouse. This touchpad is made by some special materials which can sense the motion and soft gesture of the hands over it. These materials are capable of converting these motions into the corresponding position on the screen. Touchpad actually works like this; the motion over the touchpad is converted into the electric signals with some localized coordinates of the location of hands on the touchpad. Then the system imposes the electric signal on the screen and helps identify the spot on the screen corresponding to the motion of the hands.

Issues comes in touchpad software in HP ENVY 15 Edition

The multi gesture touchpad of HP ENVY 15 Edition is the innovative approach in this touchpad, this doesn’t have separate buttons for left and right click. So most of the users have experienced a problem in accessing the right click. This raised as a problem in HP ENVY 15 Edition, because the right click is not recognized in some of the applications like web browser and Photoshop. Right clicking leads to freezing up of the applications.

How to resolve the touchpad issues in HP ENVY 15 Edition?

Actually the multi gesture concept of touchpad is the Macbook patented concept. The HP uses the utility with some modification on their concepts, HP has come with the probable solution to this problem by updating the BIOS for touchpad and by disabling the gestures of the HP ENVY 15 HD.


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