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How to Enter BIOS in HP Compaq® ENVY Laptop

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Get to know more about entering BIOS mode in HP Compaq Envy Laptop

HP Compaq offers the users with a wide rage of laptops, tablet computers and the notebooks that could give the user with excellent features. They are offered with high ended processors also. The processors usually supported by the HP Compaq Envy series of computers are Intel Pentium processor. This processor could give these computer series an exceptional speed and performance. The storage capacity given by this computer series is outstanding with about 500 GB. The memory capacity offered by this computer series is about 4GB. The versions of Windows 7 Operating System are normally supported by HP Compaq Envy Laptop series.

HP Compaq Envy Laptop derives numerous benefits and advantages from BIOS and you might also come across many issues while entering in BIOS mode. They are:

  • Requirement of BIOS
  • Advantages of BIOS
  • Problems with BIOS mode

Requirement of BIOS

The Basic Input Output System in the computer, BIOS, is placed on a small memory chip that is located in the motherboard. The BIOS plays the main role in loading the Operating System and makes the computer for use. The BIOS helps to control the Keyboard functioning. BIOS is also used to recognize and configure the hardware components in your system computer such as the hard drive, optical drive, floppy drive etc. The BIOS has the capacity to protect itself from issues like disk failure.

Advantages of BIOS

The presence of BIOS in your computer might provide many advantages to your computer. The microprocessor is correctly managed by the BIOS in the booting time. The BIOS is supportive to provide the needed guidelines to perform the power-on self test. This power-on test facilitates the user to confirm that the system is included with all the fundamental parts and functionality that is necessary to boot. The functionality consists of the system memory, the keyboard, the screen or and other components. The main reason to use the BIOS mode is the alteration of the boot priority.

Problems with BIOS mode

All users might meet with issues as entering in the BIOS mode. You could set a supervisor password for BIOS. This password is necessary to enter in the BIOS mode. This BIOS password might get lost or forget. So the user could not work in the BIOS mode. Then the user could not make changes to the settings.


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