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Updates BIOS in HP ENVY® laptop

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What are the tips for updating your system BIOS in HP Envy laptop?

HP Envy releases many versions of laptops like HP Envy 14, HP Envy 17 etc. Each version provides good and fast system performance. Basic Input-Output System or BIOS is embedded software on a motherboard that helps to control all hardware connected to your system. It can provide an Operating System with information about hardware connected to your system. It is designed to support a specific range of components. The BIOS is an Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory or EEPROM, is programmed with ‘firmware’. It has the ability to save small amounts of information specific to user configurations. BIOS components are soldered to the system motherboard.

Given below are the need, benefits and tips to update BIOS of HP Envy laptop:

  • Enhance system performance
  • Update from Disc
  • Update through Internet

Enhance system performance

BIOS update would help you to increase the system performance. BIOS update would help you to fix some problems more easily. By updating your system BIOS you can cut your boot time, easily fix compatibility issues, fix annoying issues, improve caching functions and thereby increase the whole system performance. During the BIOS update you need to correctly follow the instructions, otherwise it would result in bad system performance.

Update from Disc

You can buy disc for updating your system BIOS. After inserting the disc in to drive you need to restart your system for booting. In order to perform the BIOS update, the disc should contain autoexec.bat file. This autoexec.bat file is able to perform the BIOS update automatically. In order to run automatic update process, it need to have at least two files A06_123.bin and awflash.exe. Disc should also also contain update software, the updated BIOS image, a readme text file etc.

Update through Internet

You can update your BIOS more easily through Internet. Initially you need to identify your current BIOS version. Your system or motherboard manufacturer releases software for periodically updating your system BIOS. After identifying the BIOS version you need to check your system or motherboard manufacturer’s website for BIOS updates. It provides a document with many instructions for the update process. By following those instructions you can update your system BIOS more easily.


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