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Turning Bluetooth® on and off in HP G60t

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Learn how to turn Bluetooth on and off in HP G60t

HP G60t laptop is a 16-inch screen powered by Intel Dual Core processor. It supports up to 4GB DDR2 memory and 160GB SATA hard drive. There are ports for USB, VGA monitor, Ethernet LAN, HDMI port, Media card reader, headphone jack etc. The integrated webcam helps in video conferencing over the network. HP G60t laptop supports built-in Bluetooth for sharing files and documents with other devices. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that helps your system to transfer files and applications with other devices located at a short distance. It also ensures the security features and operates in low power. The Bluetooth technology supports the use of wireless keyboard and mouse. The system can be connected with the mobile phones and digital cameras to transfer photos, music, videos etc.

Following are some of the details regarding turning on and off Bluetooth in HP G60t:

  • Turning on Bluetooth
  • Turning off Bluetooth
  • Things to keep in mind while turning Bluetooth on and off

Turning on Bluetooth

Before turning on Bluetooth in your system you have to make sure whether your system has enough requirements to run Bluetooth. Turn on the Bluetooth of the device to be connected with system. Turn on the Bluetooth in your HP G60t laptop by clicking Bluetooth in ‘All programs’. Now you will see a Bluetooth logo on the top of screen. You might see the device paired with the system by enabling ‘Make Device Visible’ in the Bluetooth settings. By right clicking on the Bluetooth icon you will get an option ‘Add Bluetooth Device’. This wizard shows the devices which your system identifies. Now select with which device the system needs to be connected. Next it will ask for the passkey for security of the devices. Give the passkey and connect the device successfully.

Turning off Bluetooth

Turn off the Bluetooth after completing the transfer of files between devices. You could find the Bluetooth application of your system in the ‘All Programs’. Select the application and there you might find the option to turn off the Bluetooth. Turn off the Bluetooth immediately after completing the file transfer in your system. If not turned off, your system could receive unwanted files which might consist of virus and affects the system badly.

Things to keep in mind while turning Bluetooth on and off

Before turning on the Bluetooth make sure that you have enough power to send and receive data with other connected devices. Turn off the Bluetooth when not in use. Scan the system using antivirus software and remove the virus programs before turning on the Bluetooth. The Bluetooth might transfer the virus files along with transferred files from the system if not removed. Enable the antivirus so as to scan the receiving files from connected devices for any malicious code or program.

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