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Learn why HP laptop keeps freezing

Why HP laptop keeps freezing and what are the remedies to this problem? Also, discuss the symptoms of this issue.

HP laptops are light weight laptops and provides good productivity and mobility. HP Laptops are capable of delivering quick and easy access to digital entertainment and online resources. The screen size of these HP laptops usually varies from 8.9 inch to 12.1 inch. For offering an unrivalled system performance HP laptops has got VIA C7-M ULV, AMD Turion, Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon, and Intel Celeron processor. Laptop freezing is an annoying problem that almost all PC users would have to face and as a result of this your Laptops would hangs up when you are working on some important thing. This freezing could be due to damaged system files, due to unstable program, corrupt software installation, due to virus etc.

The following are the causes due to which your HP laptop keeps freezing, their symptoms and tips to fix it:

  • Due to inadequate RAM
  • Registry problems
  • Overheating

Due to inadequate RAM

When you run too many programs at the same time, at times it might result in some freezing troubles in your HP Laptop. When you open a large number of programs and utilities, it might enter into a competition for RAM resources. As a result of this freezing problems occur in your HP laptops. By upgrading your RAM and by closing the unwanted programs you could prevent this problem.

Registry problems

Freezing problem could also be caused due to the registry errors. The registry is one of the essential part of your Windows system which contains all the parameter and Operating system functions. Then if these functions and the parameters are corrupt then it might lead to the freezing problem. Thus with the help of registry cleaner you could scan and repair your registry errors and thereby fix the freezing problem.


Overheating is one of the frequent causes of freezing and other errors in your HP Laptops. So, if your laptops keeps freezing then the first and the most important thing that you would have to check is whether your fan is working or not. If your fan is not working then you would have to buy a cooler pad for your HP laptop. The cooler pad which sits under your laptop would prevent it from getting overheated.


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