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Reset BIOS on HP Mini 110

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What is the need to reset BIOS on HP Mini 110?

HP Mini 110 comes with Intel Atom processor N455 which operates at 1.66 GHZ. The 10.1 inch display screen of HP Mini 110 has got WSVGA display and it offers maximum resolution of 1024X600 pixels. DDR2 memory in HP Mini 110 is of 1GB. For offering fine graphics and gaming performance, it has got Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150. The hard drive which is used for storage has a capacity of 250 GB and it rotates at 5400 rpm. Connectivity options available for HP Mini 110 include LAN, WLAN and Bluetooth. HP Mini 110 is compatible with both Windows XP and Windows 7. The 6 cell lithium-ion battery in it offers a comfortable life for about 6 hours. BIOS in HP Mini 110 is a firmware which allows the motherboard to boot and then it would test the basic system devices so as to ensure that they are working efficiently. BIOS would enhance your system capability, help you to detect newer devices and thus, improve your system stability.

The following are the need and tips to reset the BIOS settings on HP Mini 110:

  • Need of BIOS Reset
  • Tip to reset BIOS settings
  • Things to be kept in mind

Need of BIOS Reset

There might be number of reasons due to which you have to reset your BIOS on HP Mini 110. In order to resolve various boot time issues, you would have to reset your BIOS. Sometimes after removing or adding components such as hard drives, CD–ROMs, Sound cards, Modems etc. you would have to face some issues. When you experiences issues such as video or card detection problem, booting problems and if you are experiencing random lock ups etc. in all such situations you would have to reset your BIOS.

Tip to reset BIOS settings

When your HP Mini 110 has troubles in booting properly then you would have to reset your BIOS. In order to reset your BIOS, you would have to follow certain steps. First, you would have to reboot your HP Mini 110. Then you would have to press the F1 button on your keyboard until you see the setup message on your laptops screen. After that, press F5 button on your keyboard so as to select the settings option. Then, press F10 so as to exit the setup.

Things to be kept in mind

While resetting the BIOS on your HP Mini 110 you would have to consider certain things. While resetting the BIOS you would have to ensure that you are making the changes accordingly which would correct the issues that are currently affecting the operation of your laptops. If you are familiar with the BIOS flash change process then, you should make changes to your BIOS. You should reset your BIOS only after reading the motherboard and BIOS setup material.

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