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Installing video drivers in HP Mini 210 HD

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How to install video drivers in HP Mini 210 HD?

HP has launched this new HP Mini 210 netbook PC which sports a 10.1” diagonal LED display with high support for Internet connectivity. The system usually comes with a pre-loaded video driver. If driver is not installed, then you need to install it to support video operations in your system. You could be able to install new video drivers in your system through a number of methods. You could use the manufacturer CD to install appropriate drivers in your system and if it not possible try to purchase installation CD from retail shops to do the same. You can also install the drivers from the official website or you could connect the system to particular websites where technicians would optimize your system and would bring needed installations in your system.

The points to be kept in mind while installing video driver in your HP Mini 210 netbook are:

  • Set a restore point
  • Adjust settings
  • Disable antivirus software

Set a restore point

The installing of new video driver in your HP Mini 210 HD might cause some problems in your system. It might make changes to the current settings in the system and you might not be able to access your data and different applications which were installed in the system. So, it is good to keep a restore point before attempting to install video driver. With this you could easily restore to a point at which changes were made to system.

Adjust settings

As you install new video driver in your HP Mini 210 HD, there might come a number of compatibility issues between laptop screen and video driver. You need to adjust the settings of laptop screen to resolve this compatibility issue. You could adjust settings like resolution and color of the laptop monitor by opening the ‘Property’ window and making changes to the current settings.

Disable antivirus software

The antivirus software prevents your HP Mini 210 HD from getting changes. As you install the new video driver, some of system settings might be changed which the anti-virus software might not allow. So, you will not be able to install the driver with the antivirus software enabled. To resolve the issues, you need to disable the software temporarily at the installation time.

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