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System recovery in HP Mini 210

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Learn how to perform System Recovery in HP Mini 210

The HP computers are back with their brand new netbook the HP Mini 210. Fitted with the new Intel Atom processor the netbook offers supreme mobility without compromising performance. The new ergonomically designed keyboard makes the HP Mini 210 very user-friendly. It is also equipped with a dedicated graphic card for high definition entertainment on the move. The HP Mini 210 is usually used by professionals who travel a lot and need to work while traveling. There should be recovery options in the PC which will help to prevent data loss due to many reasons. The HP Mini 210 is having multiple recovery options that will help the users to recover your important data being lost due to system crash or a corrupt system. A system crash or insecurity of data in the computer could occur due to reasons like a virus attack, missing or modified system files or application/driver conflicts that could happen within the system due to the installation of incompatible applications. The recovery options in a computer system are very important to save all the data and applications from being corrupted or removed from the system.

Listed below are some recovery options in HP Mini 210 that will help its users to recover important data from your system:

  • Recovery manager
  • Recovery disk
  • Windows recovery console

Recovery manager

The recovery manager option in the new HP Mini 210 will help the users to recover the system in case of any problems like a system failure. The recovery manager utilizes the recovery partition provided in the HP Mini 210.The recovery partition is a partition or space on the hard disk where a copy of all the files of the operating system is provided by the manufacturer at the time of purchase of the system. The recovery manager simply acts as a software interface through which the user could access the recovery partition utility in case of a system crash.

Recovery disk

The user could make use of a recovery disk to prevent a total system crash in case of any problems in the system. The recovery disk is a remote backup of all the necessary files of the operating system including the system device drivers which could be put to use by the users of HP Mini 210 when system files or other essential files of the operating system becomes corrupted due to undesired modification and the system fails to function properly. The recovery disk actually replaces or restores all the corrupted and/or missing system files which will help the users to recover your HP Mini 210.

Windows recovery console

The operating system Windows that is installed in the HP Mini 210 is also loaded with its own recovery options apart from that provided by the manufacturer. The Windows recovery console could be accessed by the user by inserting the original installation disk of the operating system supplied along with the product. The Windows recovery console is having options like command prompt, system restore or system image backup which will help the users of HP Mini 210 to recover the system and data in critical cases.

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