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Resolving wireless problems in HP Mini 210

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How to resolve wireless problems in HP Mini 210

HP Mini 210 is able to harness the power of desktop computers in its thin and fashionably designed shell. The system is equipped with high quality components that offer the latest technology in mobile computing for the ease and convenience of its users. The key components of this powerful system include the new Intel Atom N series processor on an Intel chipset with an integrated graphic memory. The compact HP Mini 210 also offers connectivity options like wireless Internet, Bluetooth module and other standard options. The wireless network card which is integrated in HP Mini 210 enables it to connect to wireless networks working with multiple bands. There are two main types of wireless networks, one that is restricted to the private use of a user or a number of users and one which can be accessed in public places like cafes. Some problems like virus infections or driver issues restrict the system from connecting to the desired networks. These issues can be solved by adopting the necessary steps to resolve the issues under proper and professional guidance.

The following points given below will help users of HP Mini 210 to effectively solve the wireless network issues in the system:

  • Virus scan
  • Driver issues
  • Network card and router settings

Virus scan

Harmful or dangerous programs like viruses or malware might sometimes gain access to the settings and configurations of the wireless network cards and will alter them or remove some entries in order to damage the system. So a complete virus scan should be performed on the system by the users before proceeding to the next step. If the wireless card settings or drivers were infected by the virus and that was causing these issues, then the antivirus program will be able to remove the virus and thus solve the issue.

Driver issues

The wireless network card drivers could become corrupt or parts of it be removed due to many reasons like virus attacks or driver and application conflicts. Uninstalling the corrupt driver and reinstalling the system device with its original driver will restore its default settings and the wireless issues in HP Mini 210 will be solved.

Network card and router settings

The options on the router and network card user interface can seriously alter the performance and capabilities of these devices that are used for wireless networking. Checking for any improper settings and changing them to their defaults on both the router and network card interface should solve wireless networking issues in HP Mini 210.

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