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Start up Issues in HP Mini 210 series

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Are you puzzled with start up issues in your HP Mini 210 laptop and want tips to fix them?

HP Mini 210 laptop comes with Intel Atom N455 processor packed into a sturdy new outer case for supreme mobility. It is having a new very user-friendly keyboard and high definition graphic card designed to work with the 10-inch display for multimedia entertainment. HP Mini 210 laptop is also having a reasonable battery life of up to ten hours. The laptop comes preloaded with Windows 7 operating system. Despite such features, you may face start up issues in your HP Mini 210 laptop. Startup failure issue can be due to the presence of virus programs, system file deletion or due to some faults in BIOS or other configuration settings in HP Mini 210 laptop.

Discussed below are some points that will help you to solve start up failure issues in HP Mini 210 laptop:

  • Check the power hardware
  • Repair or reinstall operating system
  • BIOS reset

Check the power hardware

You may face start up issues in your HP Mini 210 laptop due to faulty power related hardware components. If the battery of your laptop has drained out and the AC adapter is unable to charge it, then you may face difficulties in starting your HP Mini 210 laptop. Try connecting your laptop directly with the AC mains. If the battery is at fault, replace it to fix the issue.

Repair or reinstall operating system

The system files on a computer can get corrupted or deleted either by some applications or by the user himself. Changes in files required for start up of your HP Mini 210 laptop can lead to start up failure. Repairing the system files using the repair install option or reinstalling the complete operating system will restore all the necessary system files and the computer will be able to start up successfully. Installing a recommended antivirus program will help the users to defend the system against virus attacks that can lead to start up troubles.

BIOS reset

The BIOS or basic input output system software acts as a link between hardware components and the installed operating system. If the default settings are changed or corrupted due to some reason, the laptop will fail to perform or initialize the start up process. Resetting or flashing the BIOS using recommended methods will set it back to the default settings and will thus help in resolving start up issues in HP Mini 210 laptop.

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