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Fix blue screen error in HP Mini® 311 HD Edition

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What are the probable causes for the appearance of blue screen error in HP Mini 311 HD Edition with Windows 7 system? How can the problem be resolved?

Windows 7 is known to be a reliable and stable Operating system because of its effective error detecting and error fixing techniques. If errors are detected and fixed in a timely manner, system or OS crash and data loss could be avoided. Blue screen error is are that seems to be dogging Windows 7 in HP Mini 311 HD Edition. If a critical error is detected a detailed error report with an error code is displayed on a blue screen and Windows 7 boot process halts. This error screen is also called Blue screen of death or BSOD. Each error code displayed in the blue screen denotes a particular issue. Memory dump Blue screen error is displayed when there is an issue with the system RAMS, Windows Registry or if there is device driver conflicts, etc. Consequences of the blue screen error due to memory dump could be system failing to boot in Normal mode or the computer could freeze after displaying the blue screen error.

Following are the tips to resolve blue screen error due to memory dump in HP Mini 311 HD Edition:

  • System RAM
  • Registry clean up
  • Undo the last made change

System RAM

Upgrading system RAM is an option to increase the system performance but if the new memory module is faulty or if it’s not compatible with HP Mini 311 HD Edition, you might experience memory dump blue screen error. So, before upgrading the RAM make sure that it is compatible with your computer .To confirm if the issue is with memory, disconnect the newly connected RAM and try to start the computer. Issue could also be with the default RAM module that was connected when you bought the computer. You might need to replace the system RAM. Memory module should be handled with care. A well-trained technician may be a good idea.

Registry clean up

When you install a new software, many registry entries are created in Windows Registry to make the new program work. But all the created entries are not deleted, when you uninstall a program. Some registries are left behind and these lost or unknown registry entries create conflict and might result in blue screen error due to memory dump. It is not easy to manually find and delete the problematic registry entries. So, you download a effective registry cleaning software and run it on the computer to get rid of the unwanted registry entries and to fix the issue. If you are not able to boot the computer in Normal mode, you can run the registry clean up software in safe mode.

Undo the last made change

There could be many device drivers and software programs installed on the computer and many of these programs download updates from the Internet. Any of those updates or a newly installed program would be causing the memory dump blue screen error. So, you need to uninstall the last installed software or update. If you are not aware what program was recently installed, you can use system restore to restore the computer to an earlier date on which your computer was working without any errors.


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