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HP Mini® 311 HD Edition Graphics Card

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What are the problems that can arise while upgrading graphics card in HP Mini 311 HD Edition? Why should one consider an upgrade?

The HP Mini 311 HD Edition system is a performance oriented device designed to suit heterogeneous users. With the advent of sophisticated graphic applications, the need to upgrade graphics card has become a necessity. Newer and more graphic intensive programs are released every other day. In order to keep your HP Mini 311 HD Edition system compatible with new programs easily and smoothly, its graphics cards needs to be upgraded. HP Mini 311 HD Edition system users, who like to try out such new programs and games need to upgrade the graphic drivers. Although the graphic card provided on your HP Mini 311 HD Edition system is of a good quality, users may experience some issues with graphics cards. In such cases, you could upgrade it to the latest versions.

The following are some of the issues that may crop up during the upgradation of graphics card in your HP Mini 311 HD Edition system along with tips to overcome them:

  • Error message being displayed
  • Issue with system performance
  • Crashing of the system

Error message being displayed

Wrong installation of graphics card and its associated drivers might cause the display of error messages in your HP Mini 311 HD Edition system. Such issues are usually caused due to the incompatibility of the upgraded graphics card driver with the Operating System. Errors could also be a result of conflict of some of the existing drivers with the newly installed graphics card drive. HP Mini 311 HD Edition system users are advised to check the compatibility of the graphics card and the driver before installing the same.

Issue with system performance

Users of HP Mini 311 HD Edition system could face issues with its performance even after upgrading their system to the latest graphics card. This could be due to the lack of RAM or memory. Performance issues also tend to come up as processor might not be able to keep up with the demands of the graphics card. RAM and processor of your HP Mini 311 HD Edition system should be upgraded along with the graphics card to make sure such issues do not come up.

Crashing of the system

System crash is one of the common problems that may occur after the upgradation of a graphics card on the system. Incorrect installations could cause system errors and subsequent crashing of your HP Mini 311 HD Edition system. Users are also advised to note that the blue screen error of death ,just before system crash, is an indication that the upgradation has not been done properly. Upgradation of the graphics card of your HP Mini 311 HD Edition system should be done only by a qualified HP technician.


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