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HP Mini 311 HD Edition Windows® 7 Drivers

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Issues with HP Mini 311 Windows® 7 drivers.

If you want the best out of your HP Mini 311 laptop, install compatible and updated drivers. It is true, Windows® 7 comes with suited drivers for most of laptops including the HP Mini 311, but you would need more powerful drivers than these. Getting those drivers is very simple, as HP will always offer a new driver on its site for the Mini 311 series. Installing the drivers might be a problem, so be sure you know how to resolve the issues that may come.

The following points will provide a better understanding of issues with HP Mini 311 Windows® 7 drivers:

  • Installing Windows® 7 drivers
  • Occasional computer freezing
  • Graphics card driver conflicts

Installing Windows® 7 drivers

During the installation of HP Mini 311 Windows® 7 drivers, the computer might stop responding and could even crash. Just be sure to stop any other software running on your laptop, and save all your current work. Create a restore point, as you might need it if the driver will not work for you.

Occasional computer freezing

Usually you will not get this problem if you are using licensed Windows® software. However, if the laptop freezes try reinstalling HP Mini 311 Windows® 7 drivers. Be sure you are installing it in safe mode, so you won’t get driver conflicts while installing. Try reversing to a previous restore point if you are comfortable with this solution. You could also buy a backup DVD from HP, as it will contain all the latest drivers and recovery solution. If this won’t solve your problem either, it might be due to a virus. In that case, only a powerful antivirus or a clean reinstall might solve the problem. Be sure you save all your important data before doing this, preferably on external devices. Also, be sure all the hardware in HP Mini 311 is working properly and your computer is not getting overheated. This problem has nothing to do with drivers, but it is a common reason about computer crashes and freezing.

Graphics card driver conflicts

The Graphic card is usually the hardware that causes most driver conflicts. This is because it needs driver updates more often in order to keep up the pace with the newest PC games available. Especially for the HP Mini 311 that is not a gamers’ laptop, this problem could occur more often. The laptop may not be able to accept the newest drivers or some new graphic cards may be too large for it to handle. Be sure your new graphics card is compatible with the HP Mini series.

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