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How to boot HP Mini from a USB?

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What is the need to boot HP mini netbook pc from a USB drive, its benefits?

HP mini is a highly portable netbook designed by the HP. HP introduced a number of netbook in the mini series. HP mini 1000 and HP 2133 are two netbook pc in this series. The HP mini 1000 is the successor of the HP 2133 and is bundled with a couple of new features and advantages. HP netbook also comes with Windows XP Operating System, VGA webcam, Bluetooth etc. You can install any Operating System of your choice by checking and installing the minimum system requirements in your HP mini netbook, as you don’t have a DVD drive in your device, you can make use of the USB drive to boot.

The following are the details to boot HP mini netbook PC from a USB drive, as follows:

  • Requirements to boot from USB
  • Benefits
  • Tips to Booting

Requirements to boot from USB

To install new Operating System in your HP mini netbook, you can make use of the USB drive to boot the new Operating system files. If you face any issues with the currently installed Operating System in your HP Mini, you can make use of the repair booting of the Operating System from the USB drive.


HP mini is not equipped with a CD or DVD drive, if you need to make a fresh installation of the Operating System, or to do a repair installation, you will need to use an external DVD drive. The USB installation helps you do the same without purchasing an external DVD drive. Also the booting from the USB is much faster than the booting from CD or DVD.

Tips to Booting

Booting from the USB drive in your HP mini is very simple and you can do it on your own. You can make the necessary bootable USB drive for the Operating System that you are planning to install. Change the BIOS option to the boot from removable disk option, then connect the USB in your Hp mini netbook and then follow the installation wizard to boot from the USB drive.

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