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Fix freezing issues with HP Mini® Netbook

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What are the tip to resolve HP Mini Netbook freezing problems?

HP Mini Netbook system may face freezing problem after the installation of some software programs. Freezing means the system cannot do anything. When your system freezes up, you would be unable to use your keyboard and mouse and won’t be able to perform any task on the PC except hard booting it. The situation gets worse when your system freezes up while you are trying to shut it down. There are many causes for system freeze issue which include overheating of components, hardware conflicts, and hardware malfunctioning. Use hard disk tools such as Disk Defragmenter and Disk Cleanup to keep the hard disk free from errors and unwanted files to prevent such issues.

Give below the reasons and tip to fix HP Mini Netbook freezing problem:

  • Freezes due to recently installed software
  • Freezes due to Display Problems
  • Freezes due to Driver Conflicts

Freezes due to recently installed software

You may face HP Mini Netbook freezing after the installation of some software. This is because you have installed corrupted software or virus infected software. You canot do anything after the freezing. In order to resolve this problem, you need to uninstall the recently installed software and install it again with a good software package.

Freezes due to Display Problems

If your system boots normally but the screen blacks out or displays the “Signal Out Of Range” error, then there is a problem with the monitor settings of your system. First you need to start your system in Safe Mode by hitting ‘F8′ at startup and then select the appropriate option. In the Safe Mode you need to right-click on the ‘Desktop’ and then select ‘Properties’. On the ‘Settings’ tab, modify the configuration to the settings which your monitor and the display adapter support can handle without blacking out. Select ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ to save the changes and close the ‘Display Properties’ dialog box.

Freezes due to driver conflicts

Incompatible hardware drivers, faulty or unsupported hardware, and conflicts between system resources are some of the causes of driver conflicts which might cause Windows freeze ups. You need to right-click on the ‘My Computer’ icon and then select the ‘Properties’ command. Here, on the ‘Hardware’ tab, select the ‘Device Manager’ button. In the Device Manager window the problematic devices are displayed with a yellow triangle with a black exclamation mark. Now right-click on the faulty device, and select ‘Properties’ and select various options to rollback, uninstall, and update the existing device driver.


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