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HP TouchPad™ zooms in with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for HP TouchPad1Are you a hard core gamer? Do you spend quality time gaming and keeping track of the latest upcoming game versions? Computer games, by and far, have taken shape as an integral part of computers. Along with the regular features and applications, we look to having our system loaded with the most advanced games that hit the market. Games help us to divert our mind, although temporarily, from the hustle-bustle of life. Gaming is not restricted to people of a particular age group; all generations take equal interest in participating individually or in groups. Keeping this in mind, HP has brought for you ‘something’ that can make your life more interesting! No matter whether you are travelling, waiting endlessly at the airport/restaurant, or wanting to take a break from work; this ‘something’ can surely refresh your weary minds. HP offers the new Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit game app for its HP TouchPad.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit game app is inspired from tire tracks, and you as a player have the full control of the fast car. As you complete the different levels, you are awarded with extra cars, tracks, and other aspects to make the gaming extravaganza more interesting. Vehicles like Pagani Zonda Cinque and Lamborghini Reventon get included in the challenge as you race ahead. To give you company, there are police cars that are well equipped with arms and ammunitions to create obstructions (checks) in your path. In addition, the police have powers to implement spike strips and an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) lock to catch you and bring your race to an end.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for HP TouchPad2Few cars in the league, sport the controls over rectangular steering wheel and it is easily accessible due to the space available in the HP TouchPad. With automatic and manual acceleration, the tapping and swiping generate options like brakes, nitro boost, 180-degree turns, and many more to increase the level of challenge. The game triggers well due to the proper system requisite available in the HP TouchPad. Multi-player option creeps in only when it is Internet or Wi-Fi enabled. If you’re a car racing game enthusiast, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is the best alternative offered to you over your new HP TouchPad. So, with your HP TouchPad, you can get going at a swift yet reckless pace. So, game lovers, it’s time to unleash your racing DNA!

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