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Tips and tricks to master the use of HP TouchPad™


HP TouchPad Tips and TricksWinners don’t do different things, they do things differently. Have you ever watched the exceptional moves of Gary Kasparov or Vishwanathan Anand over the chess board? Both are champions who went along the same path, but in unique ways. As the moves need to be different to win a game of chess, so is the case with technology. There are several innovative ways in which you can explore the features of the device; shortcut keys are just one to name. In this context, let us learn the tips and tricks (shortcuts) to use the exclusive HP TouchPad tablet to master over its use.

Gesture shortcuts

HP TouchPad poses a very important and interesting feature – the Gestures. Once you swipe up, the active application minimizes to a card that appears in the center of the screen. Use two fingers to swipe up at any point and you are enabled to open the Launcher without leaving the application.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • While you are typing, a whole word can be deleted by pressing down the ‘Shiftand ‘Backspace buttons.
  • Customize the key size of the keyboard by pressing down the ‘Keyboard’ icon at the bottom right corner and selecting ‘XS’, ‘S’, ‘M’ or ‘L’ as you need.
  • Now press down the individual letters in order to use additional characters. It is not unanimous for all the keys. It functions only on the ones having three dots at the bottom right corner.
  • In case you are accessing web-based programs like Google Docs, tap the screen to launch the keyboard on HP TouchPad.
  • For a quick glance through the text, tap the ‘Tab’ key. To tab backwards, just tap on the ‘Shift’ and ‘Tab’ keys simultaneously.

Just Type Search settings

HP executed an exclusive searching ability. To search for a single word, the Just Type feature searches the complete tablet. The search can again be customized easily:

  • In order to customize the search on the tablet, click on ‘Launcher’ arrow, then ‘Settings’ and then ‘Just Type’. Then, slide the tabs from ‘On’ to ‘Off’ to deselect options including: Applications, Contacts, Email and Calendar.
  • In order to alter the search engine, click on ‘Edit’ next to Default Search Engine and select from the options of Google, Amazon, Twitter, IMDB Wikipedia, CNN, and YouTube. Notably, Bing misses from the list, although the device makes use of Bing maps.

Take a screenshot

You can take a screenshot by taping on the ‘Power’ and ‘Center’ buttons at the same time. The confirmation of the Screenshot been successfully taken appears as an animated flash. If you want to view the shots just go to

  • Launcher-> Photos and Videos ->Screen Captures


If you encounter a deadly frozen screen, the only thing that can help you is restarting the tablet. The fastest way to restart is by pressing to hold the ‘Power’ and ‘Center’ buttons, in a few seconds the screen turns off and the HP logo appears on the screen.

The HP TouchPad dawns as cream of the crop in the tablet market. It instills the webOS operating system, which proves to be quite efficient. It poses a bold and optimistic look that contains an array of exceptional features that makes it exclusive enough to stand out.

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