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Start up Issues in HP Pavilion® Elite HPE-110t Desktop PC

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What are the possible start up issues that can come in HP Pavilion Elite HPE-110t Desktop PC?

HP Pavilion Elite HPE-110t desktop PC is a desktop that can be customized according to the specification you need. The processor comes with this model is AMD Phenom quad core, memory is DDR 3 which is expandable up to 8 GB for improved performance. Secondary storage space is given with 1 TB SATA HDD. Both integrated and distinct graphics are available. Integrated graphics is available with VGA port; also there is one DVI and one HDMI port available. ATI Radeon HD is the distinct graphics with available video memory of 512 MB. There is a 15 in 1 card reader built in which can be used to access media from various card types such as CompactFlash, Memory Stick, Microdrive, MultiMediaCardplus etc. Windows 7 Home Premium is the Operating System used in this model. There can be starting problems with your system if there is any corrupted program in the system, incorrect settings, hardware issues etc.

Find below the guidelines for resolving start up issues in your Pavilion Elite HPE-110t desktop PC:

  • Disk maintenance
  • Changing BIOS settings
  • Check hardware

Disk maintenance

If you are unable to start your HP Pavilion Elite HPE-110t desktop PC normally and is able to start in safe mode, you can carryout disk maintenance to resolve the start up issue. You may find it difficult to login in to the desktop with the normal mode. With logging in the safe mode you can perform the disk maintenance and resolve the issue according to the error message received.

Changing BIOS settings

If any setting in the BIOS of your HP Pavilion Elite HPE-110t desktop PC is incorrect, there are chances that the system may not start up. In such cases you need enter the BIOS and check whether the default setting has been changed or not. If so make needed changes and save the settings to restart the system.

Check hardware

You may not be able to start your HP Pavilion Elite HPE-110t desktop PC if any hardware is damaged or having any issue. If the issue is with the hard disk you can get a boot failure message. You need to check for the connection and reconnect the hard disk. If it is damaged, contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Also remove your RAM sticks, clean it and in the bay. Insert again and try to start.


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