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Install Operating System on HP Pavilion G60t

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Issues encountered while installing OS other than Windows on HP Pavilion G60t.

The HP Pavilion G60t is a no frills 16-inch screen laptop powered by an Intel dual-core mobile processor. The major appeal with the HP G60t is its low price. The HP G60t is a very efficient and simplified solution for those who simply need to get the job done. However, many users have been experiencing problems while using the HP G60T with Windows 7 and would like to remove the Windows® 7 operating system

Here we look at the main tips to be kept in mind while uninstalling Windows 7 and installing an OS of your choice:

  • Hardware conflicts
  • Can you actually uninstall Windows 7?
  • Uninstall Windows 7 on a Multi Boot system

Hardware conflicts

Depending on the new OS that you intend to install, the HP G60T might face problems ranging from slight working trouble to total hardware incompatibility for some components such as Touchpad, Wireless Network Hardware, display (loss of brightness control), and function Keys

Can you actually uninstall Windows 7?

Many users tend to think that they need to uninstall Windows 7 using their installation disk before they can install another OS on their computer. This is not the case. If the only operating system on your HP G60T is Windows 7, you can’t uninstall Windows 7. You can only use the original Windows 7 installation disk to reinstall Windows 7,not uninstall it.

To install a completely different operating system such as Linux, Ubuntu, Peppermint, BSD or a different version of Windows®, you will either have to choose to wipe the hard disk clean of Windows 7 from the installation options of the new OS or perform a multi boot installation and then delete the Windows 7 partition manually to get rid of Windows 7 (discussed in later section). There is no un-install option.

However, do keep this in mind, that wiping the hard disk or deleting the Windows® 7 partition would also delete each and all of the programs, files, and settings on your HP G60T’s hard disk. Hence, before attempting any of the above, you should save your files to an external storage device, and then use the device to save them back on to your HP G60T once you are done. Also, since all of your programs will also be deleted, you’ll need to reinstall all your programs using the original installation discs in the format that the other operating system supports.

Uninstall Windows 7 on a Multi Boot system

If your HP is running a multi-boot system, with Windows 7 installed side-by-side an earlier version of Windows®, such as Windows Vista or any other OS, then you can remove Windows 7 from the HP G60T. To do this, you will need to format the partition containing Windows 7, or delete the partition entirely. This will make the empty space fall back to the earlier operating system and remove Windows 7 completely. It is very important to back up your programs, files, and settings because formatting or deleting a partition deletes all of the data on the partition.

It is important that you do not format or delete the earlier version of Windows as it could render your HP G60T inoperable because it uses the startup files from the earliest version of Windows. On the contrary, if the earlier version of Windows was installed after Windows 7 on the HP G60T, then deleting Windows 7 partition in this case could render the G60T inoperable. Hence, is very important that a qualified and professional technical support staff conducts these activities, because a mistake may render the computer inoperable.


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