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Tips to boot HP Pavilion® from USB.

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Why should one boot HP Pavilion from a USB? How can the process benefit the user and are there any limitations to the process?

This offers you a collection of desktops and laptops for carrying out all sorts of computing needs such as browsing the Internet, working on different office applications, and even networking within your group. This particular HP series has the capability to configure dedicated graphics card, stream video files and load multiple web pages. For style and durability, it lets you enjoy wireless mobility and an imprint finish. With the help of this PC, you are assured of better productivity and enhanced experiences, without a doubt. Offers unrivaled system performance with its:

  • Intel Pentium M Processor 740A
  • Installed Windows XP operating system
  • A 14-inch display screen
  • Hard drive storage capacity of 80GB
  • Intel Graphics Media accelerator 900 for brilliant graphics display
  • Almost all PCs in this line have at least one USB port

Sometimes, you may have to reboot your Pavilion PC using a USB drive. This may happen primarily due to the below mentioned reasons:

  1.   You need to reformat your PC
  2.   You want to reset it to the factory default settings
  3.   You want to perform a system recovery to repair and restore a missing or damaged system file

The possibilities of other reasons that can trigger the need to boot HP Pavilion from a USB drive cannot be nullified here. Read below to know the advantages and limitations that you may come across while attempting to boot the HP PC from USB:

  • Need to boot from a USB device
  • Advantages and limitations
  • Tips to boot the HP Pavilion laptop from USB


  • Need to boot from a USB device

As has been mentioned above, there are many reasons that prompt you to reboot your HP PC from a USB drive. When compared to the booting process done with the help of optical drive, the booting through a USB drive is faster. The data transfer rate of USB devices are faster and this results in speeding up the booting process too. Booting from a USB device requires BIOS support. USB devices can be used for loading the configuration information and for carrying different applications.

  • Advantages and limitations

USB flash drives are used for launching the operating system just as you do with LiveCD. Since USB drives are resistant to scratches and other mechanical damages, it fits with almost all PCs; this adds up to the ease of use of this device. In addition, when compared to CDs, USB drives have the capacity to store more data. The life span of the USB devices is about hundred thousand cycle; however, with time, the writing process slows down.

  • Tips to boot the Pavilion laptop from USB

In order to boot your HP Pavilion from a USB device, you can follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Change the BIOS boot order by bringing the USB device option to the fore
  • Attach the USB device to your laptop/ desktop accessing an available USB port
  • Restart your laptop/ desktop, which is to be booted
  • Keep checking till the message “Press any key to boot from an external device” displays
  • If the message doesn’t appear, the booting process will automatically start using the USB device

Here are a few tips that you can use to ensure that your booting process from a USB is successful

  • Check if the USB port that you have inserted the USB device in is in perfect working condition
  • Try another port if the first one isn’t working; you can’t afford to get stuck mid-way
  • Reformatting the OS will erase all files, folders, and settings; create a backup before you reboot from the USB
  • As a safe bet, remove all the other external devices that may be connected to the laptop/ desktop; you never know, these devices may get into conflict with one another
  • As a final check, ensure that the boot order in your HP PC was effectively modified with the ‘Boot from USB’ option appearing at the first in the order
  • Ensure there is a constant supply of power to your laptop/ desktop while booting is in process

If these prerequisites are met with, you shouldn’t typically face a challenge while rebooting your HP Pavillion PC from a USB drive. Should there still be an issue, call iYogi tech experts to resolve it for you, instantly. Before you start the boot process, keep our number handy.

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