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Learn about HP Pavilion® dv6700 BIOS setting

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What is the need to change the BIOS settings of HP Pavilion dv6700 systems? What are the points to be taken care of while doing so?

HP Pavilion dv6700 system is a powerful laptop computer from HP. It is built with an Intel Core Solo T1300 of speed 1.66 GHz. HP Pavilion dv6700 system is integrated with Mobile Intel 965GM Express. It uses a L2 cache memory of 512 KB. They provide a 2GB of RAM with this computer and you could have options to upgrade it up to 4 GB. It uses a 250 GB of hard disk. The graphics card provided with your HP Pavilion dv6700 system is NVIDIA GeForce Go 8400M GS which provides the best graphical experience. It comes installed with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition Operating System . The BIOS in this system is the F.45. Sometimes you need to change the BIOS settings in the system to make any other major changes. The BIOS settings are same in both the models of HP Pavilion dv6700 system and HP Pavilion dv6700t system.

The following are some information about BIOS mode, tips to reset BIOS and need to change BIOS settings in your HP Pavilion dv6700 system:

  • BIOS mode
  • Tips to reset
  • Need to change

BIOS mode

BIOS or Basic Input output system is one of the main units of the system which controls the loading of the operating system. When a system is switched on, the first job of the BIOS is to initialize and recognize the hardware devices such as the video display card, hard disk, and mouse, keyboard, CD/DVD, etc. that are installed in your system.

Tips to reset

To reset the BIOS in the system, you have to enter in to the BIOS first. There will be one specific key to open the BIOS in each and every system. To access the BIOS in your HP Pavilion dv6700 system, you need to restart your computer and press the specified key while restarting. Accessing key may vary according to the manufacturer of BIOS. It will bring you the BIOS screen; here you could have options to reset the BIOS settings.

Need to change

The main need of changing the BIOS settings is to change the settings of the hardware devices and other major settings in the system. If your system is currently booting from hard disk and you want to execute a bootable CD or USB drive in your system you need to change the boot device priority from the BIOS settings. Also you can modify settings for the peripherals.

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