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Resolving No Sound Problems in HP Pavilion® laptop

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Having no sound issue with your HP Pavilion laptop? Find out how to solve the problem.

HP Pavilion laptops are among the best in the world. They are ideal for all kinds of users as they come with high quality performance oriented components. All the components of HP Pavilion laptops are tested to compliance to ensure that issues will not come up when the systems are in use. However, there are some problems that may come up with HP Pavilion laptops. You may face no sound issue in your HP Pavilion laptop. The no sound issues in HP Pavilion laptop may be because of various reasons, such as improper configuration of sound settings, problems with sound drivers installed on the system, issues with system files associated with the functioning of sound drivers, etc. The no sound issue on your HP Pavilion laptop have to be resolved as soon as possible as it limits the functioning of some applications and also the operating system installed on the system.

Following are the tips to solve no sound issue on HP Pavilion laptop:

  • Remove malware infections
  • Verify sound drivers
  • Repair operating system

Remove malware infections

The no sound issue on your HP Pavilion laptop may be because of the presence of malware infections within the system. Malware can cause such sound related problems by infecting the sound files on the system and changing their working properties. The no sound issue caused by malware on the system can be solved by removing them using an updated antivirus program.

Verify sound drivers

The sound card in your HP Pavilion laptop requires drivers to function. Drivers link the audio device with the operating system and any issues with the sound drivers will directly affect the sound of the system. You are therefore suggested to verify the sound drivers that are installed on the system using the Device Manager. If the sound drivers are found illegitimate, incorrect or outdated, they will have to be replaced with suitable ones to solve the issues.

Repair operating system

If some of the important system files associated with the sound drivers on HP Pavilion laptop get damaged, then the no sound issue will come up. In such cases, you need to repair the operating system. If the problem seems to have come up recently, then restoring the system to a previous restore point can also solve the problem.


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