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Safe Mode in HP Pavilion® Laptop

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Are you curious to know about the need for running HP Pavilion laptop in Safe Mode?

HP Pavilion is an advanced featured laptop to enhance the computing experience of users. It includes improved features as compared to its predecessors. HP Pavilion laptop comes equipped with advanced hardware configuration to support daily computing processes. HP Pavilion laptops are best suited for regular family use. These computers are very easy to handle and come with ample media storage space and wireless connectivity. They offer advanced entertainment features with high connectivity. There are a lot of HP Pavilion computers in market, including HP Pavilion dv6, HP Pavilion dv6t, etc. At certain conditions, users may have to run the system in Safe Mode.

Following are some information about the need to run HP Pavilion laptop in Safe Mode and some tips to do so:

  • Need to run HP Pavilion in Safe Mode
  • Tips to run in Safe Mode
  • Points to keep in mind

Need to run HP Pavilion in Safe Mode

HP Pavilion is a high quality performing system. However, sometimes you may need to run the system in Safe Mode. You might need to run HP Pavilion in Safe Mode at the time of installation of some new software or drivers. While using this facility, the system loads the most essential services and the drivers for safe performance. Running in Safe Mode also helps to diagnose the issues that cause the malfunctioning of system.

Tips to run in Safe Mode

Any user can access Safe Mode in any computer through the system boot process. For this, users may need to shut down or turn off the working computer and while turning on the system press ‘F8′ key on your keyboard. Then, by using the down arrow key, you can select the ‘Safe Mode’ option from the ‘Advanced Options’ screen. After this, follow the instructions and the system may run in Safe Mode.

Points to keep in mind

While running HP Pavilion laptop in Safe Mode, users may need to keep certain things in mind. The foremost thing is to eliminate all external devices that are connected to the system. The system should have proper power backup as well.

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