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Screen problems in HP ProBook® 4320s notebook PC

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What are the most common screen problems in HP ProBook 4320s notebook PC?

Prepared with the Intel Core i3 Processor of 2.26 GHz, HP ProBook 4320s Notebook PC is the up-to-the-minute notebooks from HP. Intel HM57 chipset is included in this processor. Weighing a little over 2Kg, these laptops are very much convenient and handy. The LED backlit, HD anti-glare display of over 13 inches is the display unit of these notebooks. 3 GB, 1333 MHz DDR3 SDRAM is the primary memory and 320 GB, 7200 rpm SATA II Hard Disk forms the secondary memory. There is a Bluetooth 2.1 option in order to ensure excellent connectivity. High-class audio quality is provided with integrated speakers and there’s also a microphone. Sometimes, you could face certain troubles with the monitor of your HP ProBook 4320s notebook.

Following are some of the common problems found in the screen of your HP ProBook 4320s Notebook PC and the tips to resolve them:

  • Blank Screen
  • Random lines
  • Fonts might be tiny

Blank Screen

Sometimes you might notice that the display of your HP ProBook 4320s Notebook PC is turning blank. If there is no image coming on your HP ProBook 4320s screen, you could think of a way to resolve it. This is a normally seen problem. This could be easily resolved by making some adjustments with the vividness. You might press the Function key, followed by continually pressing the ‘Up/Down’ arrow. You might also try out by connecting an external monitor.

Random lines

In some other cases, you might be experiencing this problem in your HP ProBook 4320s Notebook PC where you could see continuous vertical or horizontal lines all over your monitor. This problem could be rectified by doing a meticulous test. This is known as the LCD BIST. This could be begun by pressing the Function key on the keyboard. All together, you could press the ‘Power’ button too. On the release of both the buttons, after switching off the laptop, the test begins. You might then simply track the instructions as the LCD BIST could perform running quite a few full-colored screens, in sequence accompanied by a beep-beep sound.

Fonts might be tiny

On occasion, you might observe that, the font dimension or size of icons in your HP ProBook 4320s Notebook PC screen becomes too small. The same might come about with the screen as well. This could bother you, although it could be set on easily. You might diverge the screen resolution to fix it. You might click the Control Panel and select the option, ‘Appearance and Personalization’. Color depth and font size might be varied in the ‘Control Tab’.


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