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Sudden shutdown in HP ProBook® 4320s

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Reasons for sudden shutdown issues in ProBook 4320s and ways to prevent it

The HP ProBook 4320s is one of the latest laptops that have been released by HP. It is shipped with either an Intel Core i7-620LM or even an Intel Core i5-520M or with an Intel Core i5-430 M. Business oriented people are the key target and it is regarded as the complete business notepad. The storage capacity is 500 GB and internal RAM is 4 GB which can be expanded to 8 GB. The graphics card is an Intel HD graphics card. It comes with a 13.3 inch LED-backlit display which has resolution 1366×7680 pixels. It has got stereo speakers, microphone, Ethernet card, ExpressCard slot, HDMI and VGA output formats. The HP ProBook 4320s faces issues with sudden shutdown. The shutdown is caused by a heat sink, processor overheating, and virus attack.

The tips to solve the sudden shut down issues in HP ProBook 4320s are explained in the following points.

  • Processor overheating
  • Virus attack
  • Check the heat sink on the laptop

Processor overheating

The main reason for a sudden shut down in HP ProBook 4320s is processor overheating. When an abundance of programs is loaded or running, the processor overloads. So the HP ProBook 4320s tends to overheat and shutdown occurs at once. “Computer shutdown due to overheating” is the message that appears on the black screen of HP ProBook 4320s. If the fan of your system is not functioning or heat sink is clogged with dirt, the processor will overheat. In such cases hot air remains in the system and heats up the processor. Cleaning it is a good option to solve the problem.

Virus attack

Virus attack or other malicious software is responsible for the sudden shutdown. When you connect to the Internet and access sites that are suspicious the viruses get attached to your system. The presence of a virus will change or delete the system files that are responsible for the loading of the Operating System so install good antivirus software in order to protect the system. The system should be scanned periodically and threats should be removed. This will help get the system back to its normal functioning.

Check the heat sink on the laptop

You should check your heat sink constantly. This should be done to see whether there is thermal paste under the heat sink. If there is no thermal paste under it then apply some after making sure that there is no dust in the heat sink. This will avoid the problem of overheating and sudden shutdown. Proper heat dissipation is needed to avoid a heat buildup and sudden shut down on the system.


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