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Bluetooth® Drivers in HP ProBook® 4420s

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Guidelines to install Bluetooth drivers in HP ProBook 4420s

HP ProBook 4420s system comes integrated with a number of devices. To make an effective use of such devices, you are required to install and use compatible drivers for it. Likewise, you need to install drivers even for the Bluetooth device. Bluetooth device is one of the latest technologies available in modern days which help in connecting your Bluetooth enabled device with other Bluetooth device without the requirement of any attachments like wires or cables. This device enables your system to get the maximum connectivity with other devices like printers, mobile phones and lot more. You should exercise great care in selecting and installing Bluetooth device for your system, as installation of wrong set of drivers leads to lots of issues in proper functioning of the device. However, you could easily, choose correct and compatible drivers for your system by keeping in mind some of the important points.

The following are some of the things to be kept in mind during the installation of Bluetooth drivers in your HP ProBook 4420s system:

  • Security software needs to be disabled
  • Sufficient amount of power backup
  • Removal of malware

Security software needs to be disabled

It is also possible that the security software might create some issues during the installation of Bluetooth drivers in your HP ProBook 4420s system. The security software would prevent the driver software from getting installed as it might think such program as malicious software. Therefore, you won’t be able to install the drivers successfully. To overcome such issue, you need to disable the security software before you could start the installation process and enable it once the Bluetooth drivers are installed completely.

Sufficient amount of power backup

Before you could begin the process of installation of Bluetooth drivers in your HP ProBook 4420s system, you need to ensure whether there is sufficient amount of power backup to support the complete installation process. This is because, power interruption in between the installation process leads to incomplete installation of driver. Due to incomplete installation, you won’t be able to use the Bluetooth device effeciently.

Removal of malware

It is essential that you make sure your HP ProBook 4420s system is completely free from malware. The presence of malware in the system during the installation of drivers would lead to several issues. These malwares would prevent the driver installation else it might corrupt the driver files once it’s installed into your system. Thereby, you won’t be able to use the device effectively at all.


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