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Installing graphics driver in HP ProBook® 4420s

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What are the things to remember while installing graphics drivers in your system?

The HP ProBook 4420s is a 14 inch notebook laptop. The differences between the different models in the ProBook line lie typically in screen size and processor power, and the 4420s lies somewhere in the middle of the line. The 4420s is powered by an Intel Core i5-430M 2.26 GHZ. Instead of being an optional add-on as it is with cheaper models in the ProBook line, the 2 megapixel webcam is a fixed for the ProBook 4420s. With the ProBook line, HP has greatly promoted the fact that these notebooks are lightweight (the 4420s starts at 4.72), and made for on-the-go use, as features like the spill-resistant keyboard and aluminum exterior etc. Here are the tips to install graphics driver in ProBook 4420s:

  • Download the driver
  • Uninstall current graphics drivers
  • Scan for viruses

Download the driver

Download the driver
A graphics driver is a piece of software that informs the video card hardware how to function correctly. Hewlett-Packard or HP is a PC manufacturer that might use a variety of different graphics cards in its laptop machines. HP offers a driver download service through its Website to help users find the suitable drivers for their machines, regardless of what graphics card model they need.

Uninstall current graphics drivers

Uninstall current graphics drivers
Before you install your new card, you would need to uninstall your current graphics card’s drivers to avoid any possible conflicts. Right-click on ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Properties’, under the ‘Hardware’ tab, find the button to open the ‘Device Manager’. Your graphics card should be listed under the ‘Display Adapter’ heading and you should double-click the name of your graphics card to open a properties window for your present card.

Scan for viruses

Scan for viruses
The system should be scanned in detail with the help of an anti-virus program to make sure that there is no malware in the system before the installation of graphics drivers in ProBook 4420s. If any malware infection is present, then it could cause different problems which would harm your ProBook 4420s at the time of driver installation. These include decreased performance of the system, blue screen errors etc, which would make your Operating System corrupt and you should take extra care to deal with these problems.


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