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Recovery Partition in HP ProBook® 4420s Notebook PC

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Recovery partition issues in HP ProBook 4420s Notebook PC

Physical disk of a system can be divided into several logical disks called volumes. The Master Boot Record (MBR) and several Extended Partition Pointers (EPPs) are used to carry information regarding how many volumes there are on the physical disk, and where they are located. Sometimes you need recovery partition as partition table gets corrupted. Boot files get corrupted and system may refuse to boot up and show error messages like error in loading operating system. System recovery completely erases all the programs and saved work on the disk drive. So you need to keep back up files for all your important data. Sometimes recovery may take a long time to complete. Some messages will appear asking for the disc even after inserting the disc. Sometimes recovery process comes to a freeze or error messages will be shown during the time of recovery process.

You can resolve these issues by:

  • Start recovery from recovery disc
  • Use recovery manager help
  • Use partition recovery software

Start recovery from recovery disc

Recovery disc are those discs which contain back up files of factory settings. You can use these discs to restore the factory setting and protect your system. This is the first step to be taken when starting recovery procedure.

Use recovery manager help

You can use the recovery manager help to create a set of operating system recovery disc, so that you can recover PC to original position in the event of a critical system failure. It helps you to reinstall computer settings to an earlier point of time. Back up all data with the help of recovery manager or other backup software in order to prevent data loss when system completely crashes.

Use partition recovery software

You can get back your lost data with the help of partition recovery software. With the help of partition recovery software you can recover recently deleted and permanently deleted files and folder. The software recovers data from the corrupt, deleted FAT and NTFS partitions.


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