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Connecting an external monitor in HP ProBook® 4520s

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Provide tips to connect an external monitor to your HP ProBook 4520s laptop and the methods to follow while doing so.

Most laptops have the facilities to connect an external monitor. Users must ensure that their system is compatible before connecting an external monitor. HP ProBook 4520s is one of the most powerful 15.6 inch laptops that have striking graphics, latest processor technology from Intel and multiple high definition features. It features the new Intel Core i7 processor that enables you to enjoy efficient and powerful performance with great simplicity. It also comes with a 1066MHz DDR3 memory which provides you lightning speed with higher bandwidths. It includes an Intel HD integrated graphics card that delivers high frame resolution on your laptop.

In order to connect an external monitor to your HP ProBook 4520s, right-click on the desktop and click ‘Graphics Properties’ from the menu. Then, select ‘Multiple Display’ and opt for ‘Extended Display’. Then, select ‘Notebook’ to maintain your laptop as the main device. Click ‘Apply’ and then click ‘OK’. This enables you to have two displays, one on your laptop and the other on an external monitor.


While connecting an external monitor to your HP ProBook 4520s, certain points have to be kept in mind:

  • Connect via HDMI port
  • Use superior quality equipment
  • Ensure system compatibility

Connect via HDMI port

The HP ProBook 4520s laptop can be connected to an external monitor via the HDMI port that is present on the laptop. The HDMI port serves as an outlet to connect to any TV that supports the HDMI cable. Once the cable is used to connect to the TV; the system can switch between the laptop view and the TV view by using the combination keys. The settings can be changed on the laptop to choose the resolution and settings that suits the TV or any other external display screen.

Use superior quality equipment

Use superior quality equipment while connecting the laptop and the external monitor. The use of bad quality wires and other outdated hardware components will result in the system producing poor quality video and sound. The video might get cut off or may have errors if the quality of cables used does not match the standard quality. The use of good quality wires and cables will result in proper high definition being produced by the HP ProBook 4520s.

Ensure system compatibility

The processor used in the laptop needs to be of high capacity and must be able to support an external monitor. The necessary graphics card has to be installed on your processor for good quality graphics display. A compatible processor plays a key role in maintaining high quality resolution and performance of your monitor. You are also required to adjust the settings so as to get adequate resolution on your additional screen.


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