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Reinstalling Windows® in HP ProBook® 4520s

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How to reinstall Windows Operating system in HP ProBook 4520s system?

HP ProBook 4520s laptop provides good functioning and features. It comes with either Intel Core i7-620M or Intel Core i5-520M or Intel Core i5-430M or Intel Core i3-350M processor. It uses 8 GB of DDR3 SDRAM memory with 1333 MHz memory speed. By default, it is available with Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System. It has 15.6-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD anti-glare display. With Intel HD graphics card or with ATI Mobility Radeon HD processor your HP ProBook 4520s laptop provides advanced graphics features and good gaming performance. Its 6-cell battery gives minimum of 4-hour battery life. Some problem might arise in a laptop, which calls for the re-installation of the Windows Operating system.

Some reasons that lead to reinstallation of Windows Operating system and tips to reinstall Windows Operating System in HP ProBook 4520s laptop are:

  • Virus attacks
  • Corrupted system files
  • Reinstallation

Virus attacks

Viruses are computer programs which can block almost all functions of the system. If they change the contents of the Operating system’s files, you would experience a lot of problems while running the Operating System. In addition, you could not work with application software installed in your system. The main solution for this problem is that you need to perform the reinstallation for the Windows Operating system and install antivirus software before installing any other application software.

Corrupted system files

If your system files are corrupted due to any reasons, you need to perform reinstallation of Windows Operating system. Some of the reasons for the corrupted system file are malware infection, accidental deletion of system files, problem while updating the Operating system etc. You would see many error messages while working with the Windows Operating system.


Reinstallation is carried out by the clean installation of Windows Operating System with the help of the installation CD. After inserting the installation CD, you could press any key to boot from CD. From the ‘Repair and Install Windows’ option, you need to choose ‘Install Windows’. By following the instructions in the window, you could perform the installation process. The partition process would erase all data in your system and reinstall Windows Operating System files in your HP ProBook 4520s laptop.


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