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Recovery Disk in HP ProBook® 4710s

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Tips to create Recovery Disk in HP ProBook 4710s.

HP developed this laptop ProBook 4710s to perform daily activities like net browsing and typing data. This laptop is mainly designed for business class users. The laptop has got Windows Vista Operating System with 4GB DDR2 and 320GB storage capacity. The laptop has got 17-inch display with LED-backlit this make more video quality to the laptop. The ATI Radeon HD graphics card provides better graphics options for the users. The 8-cell battery provides a long runtime to the laptop. Recovery disk is a medium for containing a backup file to the original factory condition. The recovery disc is used for most of the systems to allow the user to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the Operating System.

Following are the tips to create a recovery disc for HP ProBook 4710s:

  • Creating ghost image
  • Burning boot Disk
  • Manufacturer’s recovery disc

Creating ghost image

First of all you have to find the Operating System files from your HP ProBook 4710s. After finding the Operating System files you can store it in to the backup medium. You can also store all the application programs in your laptop to this medium. To do this make sure that your backup medium has the capacity to store all these information or data.

Burning boot Disk

To burning boot disc open the burning software that have been installed on your HP ProBook 4710s laptop and create a boot CD or DVD compilation. If you are restoring the image from the hard disc then a recovery disc is enough. The boot disc can help you to recover the important deleted files due to virus infection or accidental deletion.

Manufacturer’s recovery disc

You can purchase recovery disk from the market and also download the recovery disc from the manufacturer’s website. By purchasing and downloading the recovery disc, make sure that you are buying recovery disc from the authorized manufacture. By purchasing and downloading the recovery disc you would be able to recover the important files from the hard disc. You can select the appropriate recovery disc from the manufacturer’s website according to your needs in HP ProBook 4710s.


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